Choosing Recipes

Simplify meal planning & grocery shopping by compiling sets of recipes and their ingredients in advance! This is step 3 of 7 in the 2-Week Meal Planning series.

Step #3: Choose recipes

If you completed Step #2, you have a lot of recipes to consider. Now it's time to narrow them down.

It’s hard to choose, so I eliminate instead. Out are recipes that:

* call for out-of-season produce
* call for a small amount of a random ingredient that none of the other recipes call for

I also look at the selection of recipes as a whole. I’m okay with one, but won’t cook two, recipes that are:

* sugary
* mostly white flour (unless I can substitute a whole grain)

I do try to prepare balanced and high-energy breakfasts, which to me means there is something with:

* (preferably whole) grain
* calcium
* fruit
* protein

I also like to try at least one new recipe a week, so two per 2-Week Meal Plan.

I should end up with enough recipes for 20 servings (10 meals for my husband and me; we eat out twice a week), which could be anywhere from 3-10 recipes (but usually 4 or 5... we like leftovers).

...and you?

If you found (or could type) any of the recipes you've chosen, comment here! It'll be fun to see what everyone's cooking.

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