With cold temperatures outside, we're not as active as we were during the past few months. Here's what we're doing instead.

If you were to ask me to name my favorite season, I'd almost always tell you whichever one it currently is! Oh sure, there are summer activities (like my favorite, picnics!) that would be nice to share now, but they'll be just as nice in about 6 months. For now, I enjoy our simple and peaceful winter activities.

Lately, our evenings have looked like:

1. Spooning dinner out of the rice cooker/crockpot and eating & chatting together
2. Soaking the dishes in the sink and leaving them til morning (and deciding this is okay)
3. Playing a few games of Uno
4. Me knitting while he reads the news
5. Curling up a bit early in bed with a good but sleep-inducing book

...and you?

Share in the comments some of your winter family activities. I'm always looking for more ideas!

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