Hobby Basket

A home organization tip that'll make it easier to find that certain scrap of fabric, how-to instructions, or matching button next time you're ready to craft!

I started an embroidered fabric case for my husband approximately forever ago, but today finally got ready to finish it. The embroidery done, I needed to sew the lining into the case, presenting just one problem: where was everything?

Thankfully, one look in my Hobby Basket answered it all. The pre-cut lining, matching the other piece? In the Hobby Basket. The thread I picked out with the right color? In the Hobby Basket. The book with the instructions on how to sew it up? In the Hobby Basket. The scanned & printed image I used as inspiration for the embroidered picture? Okay, so I don't actually need that one anymore, but it's in the Hobby Basket, too.

I originally got the Hobby Basket idea from The Creative Family, reading that Amanda Soule keeps baskets around her house with various knitting projects at various stages. A Thanksgiving trip to a city big enough to host Ikea (my first visit to one, ever!) saw us return home with two beautifully simple (and quite affordable!) wicker baskets. Stacked on top of one another, my Hobby Basket was formed.

The top, shallow basket holds frequently-accessed supplies plus current projects. That's why it was so easy to find everything I needed, though it's been over a month since I've touched this project. The bottom, deeper basket not only brings the other up to seat-level, so I see it and am inspired to craft when I sit down, but also holds general craft supplies and projects for the future or books for crafts currently on the back-burner.

This storage solution has made my crafting less stressful, more enjoyable, and has added a homespun functional decor item to my home at the same time. Thanks for the idea, Amanda!

...and you?

Where do you keep your current projects? Do you have any storage units in your home that double as decor? Let me know I'm not talking to myself - share in the comments!