Motivated by Old fashioned mama's challenge on HomesteadGarden, I'm trying my hardest to finish up my WIPs (works in progress). For me, that means working on:

* knit teddy bear - he just needs a scarf
* embroidered ipod case - after she posted the challenge this week, I finished & gifted this one! the chef (i.e. my husband) loves it!
* crocheted dog - this little guy still needs 3 more legs, ears, and a tail
* knit baby hat - the material is bought, the pattern printed
* knit scarf - i have about 6" knit (it's hiding under my robe in my lap right now, ready to knit a few rows whenever the chef's not looking)
* embroidered wallet for mom - material cut, no stitches yet (this one's not "due" til her birthday later next year)

...and you?

Are you crafting this weekend? Share your pictures in our flickr group and link to them in the comments here!

Is your weekend otherwise occupied? Tell the tale (via a picture or word story) in the comments. I love that Whitney's been uploading her beautiful weekend snapshot photos to the flickr group so I get to see what her weekends look like! Follow her lead and then comment here with the link so we get to see.