Want to lessen your impact on the environment (and, likely, your utility bills), but not sure where to begin? Try these tips to start living more sustainably - today.

How can you start living more sustainably - today? I’ve brainstormed and listed my top 5 simple ideas... and I’m not the only one! If you want to make some simple changes today that make an impact on tomorrow, read on:

My Top Five
1. Be more active! Playing badminton, going for walks, and other outdoor activities require energy from you, not your powerlines! Replace TV and video game time with a walk after dinner tonight.
2. Unplug phantom energy sources - Many appliances, including computers and television sets, use electricity even if you aren't using them. Unplug them to ensure you aren’t using unnecessary power.
3. Use both sides of paper - A no-brainer? When writing on a full page of paper, I only like to use one side, so I used to throw it away half-unused. Now, however, I’ve found I can maintain the neat appearance when initially using the page, and make use of the other side later.
4. Turn off water - You’ve been told since you were a kid, but it’s still a good reminder: don’t leave water running when you’re brushing your teeth or doing other things that don’t need the water that moment.
5. Hang a clothesline - Even if you’re not ready to go 100% dryer-free, you can start by hanging towels, linens, cleaning cloths, etc. Or find a clothes-rack and an empty space in your apartment - you can air-dry indoors, too (I do it every day)!

Other Top Lists As I worked on my list, I realized bloggers and sites all over were posting lists to help you start living sustainably! Here are the lists I liked best.
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4. Tree Hugger
5. 50 Ways to Help

...and you?

What’s your sustainability top 5? What do you think of these lists? Criticisms accepted :-), as well as stories of newly-found sustainable lifestyles, which may be featured in later posts.

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