Simple Candle Wax Fix

Candle wax stuck to their glass holders? Here’s an easy fix - and a solution to prevent it from happening again!

The Fix

1. Stick the glass in the freezer. Wait.

2. After an hour (or two, or three, if you want to be sure or if it doesn’t seem to budge at first), take the glass out.

3. Using something that’ll reach into the glass without scratching it up, like a dull butter knife or a spoon, push at the wax. It might take just a minute (not long, and not lots of scratching at it), but then should come off, leaving hardly anything.

4. Stick the glass in the sink to wash any remaining reside with soapy water.

5. Use the glass again... but read the "prevention" tips first!


Next time, do one of two things first. Either put a little bit of water or a little bit of dishsoap in the bottom of the glass before the candles. It’ll keep the wax from sticking. Simple!

...and you?

Try it out, and let me know: did it work? It did for me - and I was using drinking glasses (hey, there was a power outage; I didn’t have time to go buy candlesticks)!!

What other simple household cleaning tips can you share? They may be featured in later posts!

Waxy glass photos welcome at our flickr group! Photos with Creative Commons licensing may be featured in future articles with a link to any of your websites you’d like to promote.