Tummy Tea

Achy tummy days? My family's had several of those since we moved overseas at the beginning of this year. What do you do?

Peppermint Tea? by simply la (that's me!) on flickr

My husband's had a stomach ache, but we don't have any peppermint leaves to make him that soothing tea. So, this morning, I took some local Yunnan tea (Pu Er, it's actually getting quite famous) and steeped it with a soft peppermint, one of the few candies we still have left from the States. It actually turned out quite tasty, and with a gorgeous rosy color, though I'm not sure whether it had any of the medicinal qualities of a true Peppermint tea.

...and you?

What do YOU drink, eat, or do to soothe an aching tummy?