As a home manager, we're all really good at... well, almost everything! Do our homes benefit when we do it all at once, though, or is there a better way?

I've decided to nix multitasking from my life... mostly.

Let me be clear: I've always thought of myself as really, really good at multitasking. 10+ tabs open in Firefox, bread rising in the kitchen, laundry in the washer, embroidery in my hands, and a list of Chinese vocabulary I'm studying next to the keyboard. Oh, and the phone cradled between my shoulder and ear until I get a sore neck and tell my husband I'll call him back later. Efficient, right? Oh, the things I can check off my to-do list in an hour!

Strangely, though, I've become more and more aware in the past few months of the need to live in the moment. To listen to my husband, and only listen to my husband, when he's talking to me. To work on my latest embroidery project curled up on a comfy chair in the living room... no computer, 'background noise,' or even music. Just my hands, the fabric and thread, and a mind clear of distractions to focus on thinking about the recipient of the gift, praying for him or her, and putting love and thought into each detail of the current project.

Oh, and you know what the strange thing is? Ever since I've decided to try out one-at-a-time tasking, I've actually begun to check EVERYthing off my to-do list, almost EVERY day. Who would've thought!?

It's not just me!

Lest I imply anti-multitasking is a "Me-Original," check out these links which also promote NOT multitasking:

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...and you?

What do you think of doing one thing at a time, rather than everything at once? What would happen to your home and your life if you slowed down and focused on a single task at hand? Let's chat: share thoughts (whether you agree or think it's impossible) in the comments.