Reading, doodling, embroidering, and sewing. It's been a crafty, inspired, month!

Just before I left, I finished reading The Creative Family (SUPER book, even for no-kids-yet families like mine!), and completed my first project by hanging the Inspiration Line above. I hope it becomes more "inspiring" as time goes on!

This blue fabric from the left side of the inspiration line is now an almost-complete cell phone holder: I used the pattern from Doodle Stitching (which is FULL of cute patterns and ideas, most of which I actually want to make!) and plan to modify it (different design) for an iPod case to make my husband next week.

This brights-on-muslin embroidery from the right side of the inspiration line is my new sampler: I tried out sorts of stitches taught in Doodle Stitching, some of them which I already knew but also lots that were new to me. The book is FULL of beautifully illustrated photographs to teach a great assortment of stitches, both decorative and practical.

...and you?

What's your crafty side been up to this last month? Any Christmas-gift projects you're beginning? Share about 'em here, and post photos in our flickr group!


Looks like fun! I read the Creative Family also and really loved it. Not only for craft ideas, but also for just general inspiration about living simply with kids (which can be a challenge!).

Thanks for visiting my blog. I added you to my links! :)

Kari said...
October 29, 2008 2:31 PM  

I love that doodle stiching!


Carolyn said...
October 29, 2008 6:37 PM  

Thanks Kari and Carolyn for the comments, I've been reading both of your blogs! I agree with you on the Creative Family being great for living simply with kids... someday I'll have some little ones to try the ideas with!

Lori Ann said...
October 30, 2008 8:35 AM  

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