Happy Spring!!

my photo, on flickr

Actually, most of you are probably still shivering through winter (or am I wrong? I hope?) Here, however, spring came early, or at least its warm temperatures and sunny days!

These past weeks I've been struggling with how to keep a new year's resolution to spend more time with my family and less on the computer. I think you'll like what I've decided as much as I do!


I started SimpleMakes in mid-September 2008. At first, I overwhelmed myself with four posts a week. I scaled back to three, but my content still wasn't as high-quality as I would like because I was trying to write so much!

Getting into photography with my new dSLR camera, I began my other blog last month and continued Tuesday/Thursday posting here, Saturdays there. It made sense, but the rhythm wasn't working for me, plus my posts were getting little too long-winded for my own taste!


I have a new rhythm for SimpleMakes. It'll keep me focused, keep individual posts shorter & simpler, and hopefully keep you interested, too!

Starting now, I'm going to pick a theme for each month(ish). I'm going to finish February with a series on meal planning, including healthy breakfast recipes as examples! I'm really excited.

I think spreading one topic out over multiple short, bite-sized posts will be simpler to write and simpler to read!

...and you?

Comment to let me know how you feel about this new idea, and if you have any topic suggestions. Ask your questions about simple, green, crafty, frugal, family, and home living in the comments here... you may inspire a whole month of writing!

Also, I'd like to survey SimpleMakes readers as to how frequent they like new posts to appear. Do you like reading one new post a week? Two? Three? (I think four's too much for me, sorry!) Comment with your advice.

Oh, and thank you. Thank you, all my readers, for being patient with me. "Learning to blog" takes a lot of work, and though I don't want to put in less time than it needs, I don't want blogging to be my only work, either! My husband appreciates your understanding. :-)

Comment for a chance to win February's giveaway: an adorable panda pillow from My Dear Darling!