Traveling with Family

Plans to travel with your family? Not traveling with your family, because of the hassle you fear it'll cause? Try these tips for simple, memorable, and enjoyable family travel.

1. Read up on your destination - We always use Lonely Planet (usually in print format), but I've heard We Just Got Back has good destination guides specifically for families.

2. Prepare ahead - I like this recent article guest-posted by Emma on Simple Mom. She both argues for family trips, even with a baby, and shares tips to prepare a good one.

3. Pack well - I'm of course biased towards my post on simple travel via packing light. I refer to it myself all the time!

4. Help the kids - Directed towards holiday travel, this Simple Mom post has great ideas for enjoying travel with kids.

... and you?

What tips would you add for families taking trips? What do you like to do to ensure smooth travels for your family?

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