Family First Aid

I like to be prepared with a fully-stocked first aid kit in our home at all times. It sure beats running to a medical clinic when minor accidents happen!

I'm not a medical professional, so I can't guarantee that this is the best list you could find, but here's what we keep in our home. I recommend finding two small containers (we use a travel toiletries bag for the "big kit" and a tiny plastic case for the "little kit") and making sure you have everything in one place.

Our "Big Kit":

tools -
digital thermometer
small scissors

supplies -
adhesive bandages (various sizes)
sterile gauze pads, sealed in a plastic ziptop bag
medical tape
safety pins
cotton balls

topical treatments -
Doctor Burt's Res-q Ointment
antibiotic ointment
hydrogen peroxide
rubbing alcohol
aloe vera gel (for sunburn)
anti-itch stick
Absorbine Jr
Johnson's Baby Oil

pills -
antidiarrheal medicine
allergy medicine
headache medicine
pain medicine

Our "Little Kit":

antiseptic wipe packets
hydrocortisone ointment packets
pills, in sample packs or tiny jewelry ziptop bags
sterile gauze pad
adhesive bandages
safety pins
cough drops
headache medicine
stomachache medicine

...and you?

What'd I miss? What's in your first-aid kit? Any other fans of Doctor Burt's Res-Q Ointment? (I've had the tiny tin for 5+ years, use it all the time, and yet somehow have not run out yet! It was the "special cream" to help any and every 'owie' when I was a summer camp counselor... and my husband and I run to it for small cuts, too!)