October Simplicity

October in Review

Even though I was away during October, you guys sure weren't!

Most people came for...
1. craft tutorials
2. apartment composting how-to's
3. knitting
4. recycling
5. asking me questions!

Most of you were referred by...
1. Craftster
2. Simple Mom
3. Lighter Footstep on Twitter
4. Lovely Duckling
5. Rob's World

...though even more people came directly to www.SimpleMakes.com!

Upcoming November

I have two series in the works: one on packing light (as we begin traveling for holidays!) and one on letterboxing, a favorite family activity.

...and you?

What do you come to Simple Makes to read? What isn't here, that you wish was? And, most immediately, what green or crafty series would you like in November? I'd really like to knit socks for this winter, so I'm in search of an online tutorial (comment links here and/or tag for:simplyla on delicious), plus I'm looking for a few more ideas!