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As I said in the first part of this packing light series, the key to packing light is a personalized, ever-evolving packing list. Yours won't look just like what I use, but here's mine as a guide to writing your own. Use the links to springpad-it and make it your own!

My Packing List

bag must be: less than 20 lbs/9kg
even better (my goal): less than 10 lbs/4.5 kg

to wear:
* comfy pants
* layered shirts (tie warmer layer around waist if it's not cold yet)
* 4 elastic hair bands around wrist (for braids or repairs later)
* watch with alarm
* pantyliner (if it'll be awhile before I can change, i.e. international flights)

* 1 pair sleep shorts OR pants
* shirts (1 for every other day)
* pants (wear 1, pack 1)
* underclothing
* socks (only if bringing sneakers)

* travel-size toothpaste, baby powder, shampoo
* toothbrush, small comb
* husband's earplugs, my eyeglasses (only if destination involves reading, i.e. conferences)
* napkins
* diva cup (only if... well, you know)

first-aid kit:
* bandaids
* allergy medicine
* tummy medicine
* head medicine
* cough drops
* antiseptic towelettes
* small squares of clean gauze
* safety pins

* journal, Bible, pencil
* 1 book OR 1 craft
* (for longish flights) ds OR iPod
* camera, cell phone

snacks (only enough for the first flight):
* granola
* granola bars
* dried fruits
* crackers
* refillable water bottle - emptied before flight security

* money
* ID
* paperwork (official, as needed, plus directions to destinations, letterboxes, books, etc.)
* empty tote back (only if planning purchases)
* charger to electronics
* electronics’ accessories (memory card, ds games)

... and you?

What did I leave out? Comment with your mini-list or modifications to mine. I'd especially like tips from light travelers with kids!


Hey I get your list idea. I snowboard and make a full list everytime I go. I have been told i have OCD, but I don't care as long as it is in it's place.

SWM said...
November 05, 2008 9:04 PM  

Yup, I think having the list, even if it takes some attention on the front end, saves a lot of hassle later!

Thanks for commenting - I'm going to check out your blog now.

Lori Ann said...
November 07, 2008 4:17 PM  

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