On Simplicity

What is Simplicity?

Simplicity is the opposite of confused, complicated, and cluttered. Simple instructions are easy to understand. Simple families enjoy one another, not the number of activities they can crowd into their schedule. Simple homes have what they need to function peacefully, without all sorts of extra (unnecessary) products.

What does it mean to Live Simply?

For me, to live simply is to orient my life on what matters: relationships with God, family, and community. The opposite is a life oriented on possessions. You can recognize a simple life not by who owns the least, but by joy, freedom, and generosity that come from not relying on material things for status, security, and satisfaction.

Simple Makes & Simplicity

Here at Simple Makes, I share tips every week to simplify your life. Remember, though, that tips are not laws. Using simple beauty products, for example, does not mean you are free from slavery to stuff if you still blow up and yell at your toddler when she spills your homemade body wash!

Simple Words

I try to reflect simplicity in my writing. I want to provide honest and straightforward content, so I avoid jargon and long-winded sentences that make me sound good but communicate nothing. If you catch me falling into self-promoting blabber, tell me so I can get back on track!

Why Simplicity?

Why Simplicity? Because the things I own aren’t really mine; they’re gifts to share. Because no matter how much I have, mere stuff can never satisfy me. Because trusting God to give me what I need today frees me from the anxiety that I won’t have enough tomorrow. Because I like spending my time enjoying life instead of worrying!

“Give me neither poverty nor riches;
Feed me with the food that is my portion,
That I not be full and deny You and say, “Who is the LORD?”
Or that I not be in want and steal,
And profane the name of my God.”
-Proverbs 30:8-9


Where do my ideas come from? If you’re interested in reading more, try:

* Leviticus 27:24, Psalm 24:1, Matthew 6:33 in the Bible

* Richard J. Foster’s Celebration of Discipline chapter, "Simplicity"
(read his 10 guidelines for simplicity)


Hello Lori Ann,
your "contact me" page isn't working.

I help maintain the website for Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends (www.nwfriends.org) and I noticed last week that you had linked/pinged our site (Foster's list). So I checked out yours!

I like what you're doing, and we have a couple other NWYM folks who are writing about simplicity. I thought about sending your link on to them, but wondered about your connection with NWYM. I don't know if you and I have met, or if you're connected with one of our churches, or what. But I didn't know how to introduce you! Do you have a connection with NWYM? (Pardon my ignorance!)

Contact me at bbishop AT nwfriends.org
Communications Director

Bruce said...
September 18, 2008 2:52 AM  

Thanks, Bruce. E-mailed you, and I've subscribed to the other simple blogs you sent me!

Lori Ann said...
September 21, 2008 5:52 PM  

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