Apartment Composting

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Interested in composting, but stuck with small quarters and no yard? These how-to guides walk you through each step which I myself use for my windowsill compost pile. Start composting now, and share your success!

This is the index to my 5-part series, “Start Apartment Composting.” You can find reasons to compost and technical why-it-works at other sites; I wrote these to share a straightforward how-to guide so you can start composting now. Don’t miss #5 in the series, featuring a PDF printable guide which contains the highlights from all the posts, great for hanging on near your pile!

Basic Steps in Composting
Click each link below to read that step’s how-to guide.

1. Make a container to hold your compost pile.
2. Layer your container with brown and green materials.
3. Maintain your compost pile weekly.
4. Use your compost.
5. Remind yourself of what to do with my downloadable Composting Guide.

Also see...
If you’re not convinced that you should be composting, check out livingsoil.co.uk
If you want to know all the science-y reasons why this works, see this article

...and you?

If you compost already, what do you think of these steps? What steps do you take in composting?

If you haven’t composted before (or lately), will you start now? Does it sound easy enough? If you’re not interested, what’s keeping you from doing it?

Comments and praise, doubts and criticism all accepted :-)

Your photos of compost piles, compost-happy plants, and composting families in action (with a link to this post in the photo description or as a comment) are all welcome at our flickr group... photos with Creative Commons licensing may be featured in future articles with a link to any of your websites you’d like to promote!


Try vermicomposting! I love my worms and keep my bin indoors. It's a great way to compost in a small space. No dirt required!

November 02, 2008 8:29 AM  

Thanks for the comment!
I've read a lot about vermicomposting, but am not sure how I'd get started... I live in rural China and haven't seen anyone selling worms. Any ideas?

Lori Ann said...
November 02, 2008 7:45 PM  

We do vermicomposting, too! And then we have our compost PILES outside. I love the worms.

Lori Ann, can you have worms delivered? That's how I got mine. I don't know what shipping rules are but it's worth a search, I guess....

You want red worms.

Joy said...
January 22, 2009 3:19 AM  

Thanks for the suggestions on vermicomposting. Regular indoor composting is working for me, so I'll probably stick to it. I don't have any outdoor space for piles. Is the main advantage of vermicomposting that it goes faster?

Lori Ann said...
January 22, 2009 10:17 AM  

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