Weekend Snapshot #1

Weekend snapshots: My life, one weekend photo at a time, 'cause life is beautiful and so is sharing.

Preparing the table for lunch as my husband cooked this weekend, I decided it would be much more fun if I was conscious about how I set the table: angling the chopsticks, alternating the spoons, putting the pear slices in a crystal (well, pretend crystal) bowl, and lining the bread basket with a pretty towel. It made lunch more fun!

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my weekend snapshot: saturday morning, my sweetheart & I woke up early and went to the farmer's market downtown. there wasn't much going on, so we walked around the city center and had breakfast at a cozy little cafe. our waitress brought us juice in wine glasses and told us we were king & queen for the day. after breakfast, we walked back to the farmer's market where a few more vendors had set up their booths. we walked around the city a bit more before driving to a spice market where we sniffed candles and bought a few chocolate truffles. it was a really beautiful morning! (I'm posting a picture of our juice glasses in the flickr group.)

♥whitney said...
October 01, 2008 7:09 AM  

Beautiful, Whitney! Sounds like you two are having a lovely time together already. Going to check out the photo!

Lori Ann said...
October 01, 2008 8:43 AM  

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